The Team


Gene (Cap)


Captain of his life. Director with a capital D. 25 plus years Producing/Directing. BFA/MFA Alfred University. Potter. Studied with Michael Roemer at Yale. Born in India. Rode his bike 10 thousand miles around the US. Plays every instrument known to man. Flips houses for fun. Climbed all 46 Adirondak mountains. Will eventually live on a boat.




New England native. Born in Boston and raised on Cape Cod. Lifelong learner. Lifelong boater. Water baby. Humanities major. Philosophy minor. Masters in Communicating through the arts. Triathlete. Published poet. House-flipper. Artist. Empath. Actor in comedy theater. Mother of sons. Loves to laugh. Once voted friendliest. Obsessed with jazz. Dislikes peas. Afraid of bees. Firm believer that if you want a glass of milk, don’t park a stool in a field and hope a cow walks by.




At age fourteen, Hannah got in trouble for sneaking away from the camp dance to hide in the media lab and play with iMovie-- beginning as she meant to go on. She studied anthropology and film at Brandeis University, making interests meet in the field of ethnographic documentary, and since then has been working in video and audio all over the Boston area. Her work spans everything from serious documentary to sci-fi sound effects. Postproduction is her passion and her specialty, and she loves coaxing out the story at the heart of every jumble of footage. When not absorbed in a project, she can be found playing an intense Dungeons & Dragons campaign and taking a truly unreasonable number of photos of her cats. 



Director of Partnerships and Business Development

Shannon Makes Things Happen. She has been pioneering mission driven initiatives through strategic marketing and communication plans across industries for 15+ years. Her forward thinking and results driven approach to everything has aided in her significant success of growing market share and developing and expanding brands through innovative marketing methods and digital strategies. She is an avid skier, boater and you may occasionally find her trying to catch a wave on the beaches of the east.



Runner. Believer in magic.



Cameraman/Promotions Editor

Bagwag: Baggott. Two m’s. Two g’s. Two t’s. University of Delaware BFA Visual Communications. 5 years filming/editing 3 TV shows for NESN and CBS. Award-winning. Power house skier. Not afraid of anything. Guinness World Book of awesome. Can balance anything on his chin. Anything.


Executive Producer & Co-creator, QUEST New England

Chris played organized hockey from age 3 to 18. He continued to skate through life as Director of Advertising, Marketing and is an award winning Creative Director/designer and photographer for numerous New England based lifestyle magazines. Niche markets include sports, fashion, cuisine, architecture and vacation destinations. As Kenny Chesney Impersonator, he teamed up with extreme sports fanatic, adrenaline junky, and award winning novelist Kathleen Doler. Together they co-created QUEST New England to inspire viewers to, well, skate….


Cameraman/Drone Operator

Mister T. Dudewalla, Tylenol, T-Man: Complete gear head. Lives, breathes, dreams tech. Man of few words. Focused. Steady. The animal whisperer. Swans, dogs, cats, horses…all succumb to his gaze.


Kathleen (Kat)

Production Associate

Boston born and South Shore raised, Kathleen has a appreciation for the beautiful places in New England. Globe Trotter - tries to travel to at least two new places a year (2018 3 countries and 1 US city). Dreamer. Creative Mind. Interior Designer and Fashion Stylist. Worked in Retail and Ecommerce. Blogger and proficient in social media. Loves to cook. Indoor Cycling Enthusiast. Goes on Pinterest everyday. Believes if you’re not working hard, you’re hardly working.


Jane Cournan

VP of Sales and Marketing