Our Story is one of passion, compassion and dedication.

Parker Kelley and Gene “Cap” Allen met in 2012 at a multi-media networking event. Their chemistry was instantly evident. They shared a passion for boating, home renovation and remodeling, art, architecture, travel, running, biking, and music. You name it and they shared it. Each also had a bursting 25 year + resume in the broadcast industry, completely complimentary skillsets and thousands of television programs and videos between them.

Parker had worked as a host and producer in broadcasting for several network affiliates starting right out of college including NBC, PBS and FOX and had also founded and been operating her own independent production house focusing on the important work of non-profit organizations particularly those involved in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities.

Cap was an entrepreneur who started a media company directly out of college as well, then expanded with a partner into a full-service advertising agency and had most recently merged with a publishing firm expanding their media offerings into video and television. They clearly had a lot to talk about.


Parker is a gifted writer/producer and a compelling on-camera host. She has a natural and effortless way about her; a girl next door approach of relating to the audience as well as making people feel comfortable sharing their stories on camera with her.

Cap is an experienced producer/director and an accomplished director of photography. His background in art and film making from Alfred University and Yale influence his work and give it an aesthetic value.


Immediately after their initial meeting, the two began a nightly phone dialog that lasted 3 or more hours. They continued this courtship for four months before deciding to be together and work together. Both of their parents had worked together so this notion of sharing personal and professional time was not unfamiliar to them. They couldn’t wait to get started.

At first, they co-produced commercials, web videos for businesses and videos for non-profits. Parker would write and voice the pieces and Cap would direct and film them. Right off the bat, they were a well-oiled machine and quickly realized they were destined to do more.

In 2012, they co-produced New England Boating, a regional travel magazine television show that aired on NESN for 5 years. Cap directed and Parker co-hosted. This first venture co-producing was a success which propelled them into their next project: a new television show on CBS Boston called New England Living - a lifestyle program about design, food and travel that showcased their talents and blended so many of their interests. The advertisers loved it. The audience loved it. The network loved it. Ratings doubled all other sponsored programs in New England. Their story was just getting started. They produced the popular show for two seasons.

In June of 2018, the media couple launched, BlueView Productions, to capitalize on their energy and experience. Under the BlueView umbrella, Parker and Cap continue to offer an array of cross media services and specialize in producing regional and national lifestyle television programs. They currently produce Home, Life & Style, Taste of the Travel, Heart of Oak, Quest New England and more.